Saturday, April 11, 2009

She's A Liar

Last night Mike and I walked to the Sportsman's Lounge. It was eight o'clock on a Friday night. We arrived, having never been inside. It was a small place, about ten customers. While we were there some left and no new ones arrived. Two small groups were having fish and chips and beers and talking animatedly. In a corner was a pool table. Mike was disappointed in their limited offerings of beers, he didn't even finish his. I had a rum and coke. It hit me fast. For about half an hour I was very cheerful. Then I became very glum. Mike talked to the bartender. The bartender said that no girl named Jennifer ever worked there.

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Paul Perry said...

Jennifer may not be lying. Strippers always work under a false name, it's standard in the industry to avoid potential hassles.