Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ball Toss

I did this plan for a painting in one day, several hours. That is some sort of record. Haven't been painting for several days, I guess I stored up my creativity. The paint on my large canvass is wet, it doesn't help that the room is very cold, this particular color dries slowly. I want the paint to be dry before I work again, worried about smearing paint with my sweater sleeve. Might need to rest my hand against the canvass while I paint too. It just makes sense to be working on two pictures at once.

This drawing is for a 8" x 10" panel. Believe it or not it worries me that I like working small with small brushes. The insecurities of an artist. I think that if I were a better artist I would work bigger with bigger brushes.

When I saw my Dad last he warned me against using photographic references. Said that the photographer could come after me for using his creation, wanting monetary compensation, have to be very careful to change details. I guess it makes sense not to be writing on my blog too much about some of the sources of my inspiration.

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