Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dad's Landscape

On Thanksgiving day my Dad gave me this landscape. He had done it while he was living in Maine last summer. It is a view from the top of Monheghan Island. The large central building is a motel and nearer in view is a little cemetery. Dad showed me about 20 paintings that he had painted over the summer when my husband and I came to vacation with him in September. This painting several people had looked at and commented on. It was one of his best. Dad has been painting for a while and I own not one of his paintings. I found this to be very sad. I own three of my brother's paintings, but I bought each one of them. This painting had a price tag on it of $2,500. Naturally I could not afford to buy my Dad's art. He shows in three galleries in Connecticut. I assumed that this painting was bound for an art gallery.

It took all of my courage to ask Dad if I could have this painting on Thanksgiving day. Imagine my surprise when he said yes! I think it was because a corner of the painting had become damaged in transport. He was keeping the painting because he planned to make a larger version of it. I believe he had given up hopes of selling it. I was very happy when he gave me a nice gold frame and the frame almost completely covered the damage.

Now this painting is hanging in my kitchen next to one of my own paintings. The contrast of our styles is very jarring. We really do not look good hanging next to one another. But we are family. I have to give my Dad's painting a place of honor.

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